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Founder and President

Shahid Hussain Soomro

Founder & President

As a teacher, motivational speaker, freelancer and social entrepreneur, Mr Shahid has been working with various NGO’s institutes and INGOs. His work includes Youth empowerment, climate change and Peace building.
He is the Founder and Chief executive of STUDENT’INN SOLUTIONS and  Virtual Academy and Career Counselling Center, Islamabad.

Malik Mohsin Hassan

Co-Founder & vice President

He is Motivational Speaker, trainer, career counsellor,  Social Entrepreneur & Activist   Mr Malik is working with E-learning Services Pvt Ltd Islamabad as Mathematical Digital Content Developer.
As Brand Ambassador, he is working with  Islamabad based School of Leadership, and Youth Positive Pakistan Network

Our Team Members

Hafsa Mehboob

Director Social media

Doing MS in biochemistry from Punjab university Lahore.

Educating youth is a key to success for every country. All the developed countries are spending a lot on educating their youth. Pakistan is among the countries where the youth ratio is pretty high but unfortunately we lack facilities and if there are some facilities so the problem is about no guidance. 

The role and power of social media is growing rapidly. The social media, that was often neglected, is now a powerful tool to highlight issue and educate people. I am an active member of social media team that works for the facilitation of students in terms of information and education related guidance. I wish to join this team in order to learn more about the skills and ways to help students through a well reputed organization. Being a member of this team will help me a lot to learn about the basic problems, facilitation process and education. This forum will also help me gain confidence, help, guide and facilitate other and will also get help and guidance facilitation if I need. I would love to join and work together with this team for the betterment of my nation.

Amir Ali Soomro

Director Marketing

Our Interns

Muhammad Abdulah


I wish to become a programmer and a code writer. The reason for joining MAINHOONPAKISTAN because I want to gain some confidence Knowledge, And serve my nation as as well.

Rabiya Shahzad

Social Media

To be very honest I like to become social I like to intract different nature of people and I just want to develop skills and improve my skills and I want to work where I can learn something different something that can brighten my personality as a human

that’s why  I am very excited to become a part of this social media group named MAIN HOON PAKISTAN .I am sure that I will defenitly learn something very different or something very new which will prove great for the betterment of Pakistan

Iqra Tariq

Content Writer

She is working as Intern Content Writer, Moreover, she has vast experience of working with various NGO’s as volunteer.

Khadija Muzafar

Conent writer

student of BS Psychology in International Islamic University, Islamabad and hope to pursue my degree in Neuropsychology. I believe in Humanitarian work and always because


I have always tried my best to enlighten people around me and I joined this program because I find it a good platform to follow my destination.

Muhammad Zubair


BBA from COMSATS Isb,I want to become Motivational speaker and want to aware people about meaningful aspects of life.

Hudabia Mehboob

Social Media

I am currently doing BBA(Hons.) from Institute of Business Administration, Punjab University Lahore.
I have incredible creative energies and a refreshing idealism tempered only enough to accomplish what needs to be done.
I believe my strong work ethic and sense of independence will be beneficial for the organization

Yousif Nazir

Social Media

I am doing BBA from IBA.Basically it taught us that how to survive in toughest condition and how to lead in all condition. I am very passionate about learning

Noor Ul Huda

Content Writer

She did masters in economics from comsat vehari and project in Women empowerment and unemployment rate.

Aneesa Muneer

Graphic Designer

Student  BCA (Bachelor of Computer Arts) from Fatima Jinnah Women University and currently working on thesis related to graphic designing. I hope to become a professional graphic designer in future. The reason for joining this program is that I want to gain experience related to my field. Hope I prove to be beneficial for this program also!

Ayesha Afzal

Social Media

I have recently done my graduation with a degree of “Communication and Media Studies”. I am also working as a volunteer with a NGO “Jamila Sultana Foundation” from last two years. With the team of Jamila Sultana Foundation I arranged different awareness sessions and blood donation camps on various places and I have also done media coverage of an event on 8th May 2018, World Thallassemia Day, at PNCA.

 I have also done internships with different organizations (PTV, DHAI Teleman and Entrepreneurship Development Institute)

Javeria Siddiqui

Social Media

As for my intro, I have recently graduated with Bachelors in Commerce from Karachi University and hope to go for Masters by the end of this year *fingers crossed* but other than that I also enjoy social work and find it very interactive and evolving which is why I want to kick start my career in Social Media platforms. I believe that the power of social media is much more than any electronic media that exists and it can serve much greater good than its image. Lets join hands and make Pakistan better through this platform. Hope I will be able to prove what i can do. Cheers!

Hafiz Hasnain

Camous Ambasador

student of BS Biotechnology currently enrolled in government college university fasialabd

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