Get Involved

Be Part of Change Agents Network

Change Agent

Become and ChangeAgent and lets Bulid a harmonious, and progressive Pakistan.
Organize a mass outreach event/workshop in the domain for public policy and governance, in consultation with MainHOONPakistan central team.
Governance Challenge: Draft out blogs/reports for discussions and share it with interested campus people

Campus Ambassador

Represent MainHOONPakistan at your Campus
• Reach-out for MainHOONPakistan: Online and Offline Publicity for Change Agent Network for all its activities.
• Word Of Mouth Publicity: Identify young talent in Policy Space and involve them in campus activities.

Start Chapter

Start a Chapter in your City/Locality.
Organize a local governance challenge, with sub-local/local/national/international theme, in consultation with MainHOONPakistan central team.
•Policy Dialogue: Run/Modulate a discussion group for policy and governance under the guidance of MainHOONPakistan Central Team Apply

Feeding your Expectations

•Learning opportunity in management and academics in Policy Space with mentoring/guidance from central team.
•Build your social capital by nurturing a local community of change makers
•Witness early Launch of Events with early bird scholarships.
•Certificate of Appreciation on the completion of tenure.
•Letter of Recommendation and/or LinkedIn Recommendation to top performers.
•Organize mass conclaves/workshops and open-invitation to all City Events.
•Profiling on Official Website.

Educational background and work experience

•University students from any field
Young professionals Time requirements: Approx 5 hours per week

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