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Interfaith Harmony Harmony: A peaceful Pakistan

Pakistan is the home to different communities living together and sharing values such as education, social and welfare services, social security and multiculturalism. 95 per cent of the total population of Pakistan is Muslims. Rest five per cent are minorities including Christians, Hindus, Parsis, Baha’is, Sikhs, Zoroastrians and small proportion Kalash, Kohls,  and Jains. In this type of societies with people of different religions, beliefs, the need for interfaith harmony is significant.

Smiling Pakistan in the scourge of war

People have a romance with Pakistan either it is sports or social work they incessantly assisting their vocations to produce a feasible outcome. Ups and downs are like a custom that every country faced. Igniting spark in dark is the factual path towards revolution as we have experienced toughest and repressive regimes but ripples of upheaval were penetrating like gamma and producing sanguine incentive in people

Interfaith Harmony

InterFaith Harmony: Respect for all religions

Interfaith Harmony: Respect for all religions As a universal religion, Islam opens their door to all humanity whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims. What things make Islam is a universal

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