Archives : October, 2018

Youth: A great asset of Pakistan

Pakistan is in the advancing phase and youth of our country is 35% of the total population. Youth role is significant in lifting the nation towards a bright future. Our young generation is striving hard to accomplish their goals. These are a valuable source of demonstrating their talent and skills nationally as well as internationally. The voice from your heart of “Yes I Can” in the soul is a convulsive triumph. The element of strength is your ultimate constant. The need of the hour is to certify yourself that you are exceptional in terms of your capabilities. So our youth is crucial in building the good image of Pakistan from their work and they should be encouraged.

The Power of Youth

Currently, Pakistan has 60 percent of young population moreover in 2050 Pakistan will be having youth bulge(number of young people than agaed), according to National development report every fourth Pakistani today is between the age of 10-19, elaborates that youth has a critical role. In light of this description, it is evident that our youth can have significant power to work for the betterment of the state.