Role of Youth in Election 2018

Role of Youth in Election 2018

Role of Youth in Election 2018

Role of Youth in Election

According to the National Human Development Report released by the UNDP, Pakistan currently has the largest population of young people ever recorded in its history. Out of the total population in the country, 64% are below the age of 30 and 29% of them are between 15-29 years. Throughout the history, the younger generation has always played a crucial role in politics. Our youth is the future of our country and its political system.

One of the greatest reason youth plays a vital role in the elections. the youth of any country is the most enthusiastic and most patriotic among all the generations. They always have the spark to embrace quickly and to reflect on what they believe.

As per psychological theories, the greatest impact one can create is in the mind of youth. it goes a long way. this is the reason campaigns target the youth’s mind and try to mould their perspective at young ages.

It is a very famous saying that the faith of the nations are determined by their youth . it is very much true because the youth of any country is its future prospectus.

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The youth of Pakistan is the reflection of the new age and modern era. They have unique ideas, different perspectives, effective strategies, smart technology and enhanced media. If used in the right direction, they can be the most devastating and game changers.

Since 2013, the youth has taken an active part in the elections. the governance of Pakistan since they have been exposed to a lot of different exposure in the academic and professional levels. This participation of the youth in elections can be very beneficial.

It may be the right time for youth to jump into this subject. because it has been long since Pakistan has suffered from a lot of lost motives and falsehood. It is the right time for betterment, for change, and to leave a mark on the world what the youth is capable of.

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