Importance of Manifesto

Importance of Manifesto

Importance of Manifesto

Importance of Manifesto

As we all know and a universal fact also, that the existence of life without oxygen is impossible on this planet Earth. In the same way, the survival of a party without its manifesto is next to impossible. For a political party, the manifesto serves as a backbone. It acts as a living document.

As the backbone supports all the body, in the same manner. a manifesto gives support to the workers of that party to work efficiently for a common purpose and also help the common citizen to decide which party is suitable for them and the country.

According to the Oxford dictionaryElection manifesto is a public declaration of ideology, intentions, motives, views policies and programmes of the political party”. Simply a published document that reveals what is important for that respective party.

Now the question arises, Does manifesto matter anymore for Public or they even know about this term? The answer is simply a Big No. Even 90% of our population is unfamiliar with this word. Whenever Iid i ask someone, whom You are going to cast vote and on the basis of what?

ManifestoThe answer is I’ll vote for party X, Y, Z . because I like the chairman of that party. my forefathers are big supporters and always vote for that party.  I don’t want to spoil my vote or just for enjoyment respectively. And when I inquire, Don’t you think you should vote Manifesto not a person of your personal interest?

The most common reply i ever get is, what is this “Manifesto”? I don’t even hear of it. I am not interested to know about it. I’ll vote for the party to whom I want to be. at that time I sighed and have no way rather move on my way.

Unfortunately, very few people read the manifesto of the party they are voting for. Most people depend on soundbite summaries that appear on the Mass Media.

Election and party manifestos are Important for everyone. because it will decide the fortune of a country. It is important to know what a party is willing to do.  what Contesting candidates are promising for. their promises reflect their priorities.

it will properly indicate that how well they understand the needs of their voters. Through election manifestation, the people come to know the policies of that party. it helps them to understand which party will prove to be the best an. it will work for the benefit of their voters.

you vote your voice manifestoElection manifestos are unlikely to disappear from the election campaigns. It should be the permanent feature of election campaigning. Unfortunately, our election campaigns are full of revilement and incrimination. No one is ready to talk about the basic needs of people.

No one wants to talk about the standard policies. They are always trying to deceive the inerrant public with their blandishment. In the UK and US presidential and parliamentary debates, the citation of party manifesto is compulsory.

People should lead the ideal manifesto. The ideal manifesto gives equal weight to all the basic needs of the country.which includes social, political, economic, defence, administrative and bureaucratic). The ideal manifesto is always based on the ground realities.

It must b crystal clear. An ideal manifesto is one which implies much and commits little. The most basic social need of the hour is education and percipience. If people get the both then the real change will come. People should be aware of what they are doing and what is beneficial for them.

Change come from home so people have to think for themselves and focus on the advancement and progress of their country. And this all will happen if we’ll give importance to “MANIFESTO”.   So vote for the manifesto, not for a person. Because it is manifesto which will decide the bright future of our next generation.

Syeda Ayesha Younis is the Intern at STUDENT’INN SOLUTIONS, She is Contributing as a volunteer. Views expressed in this article are entirely her personal and does not reflect the policy of STUDENT’ INN SOLUTIONS. 

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