Do issues specific politics matter?

Do issues specific politics matter?

Do issues specific politics matter?

Do issues specific politics matter?

Disagreement is the soul of politics, which helps in shaping decisions for the betterment of the state. The system of a state is not governed by a single group of people having similar concerns rather it is the product of multiple alliances with personal viewpoints.

As a state is administered by the political parties so the solidity of the state is highly dependent on its political system. Stable politics means the ability to administer a system of the state by political parties even in crisis, along with their political conflicts. Raising a vice common for public issues and making it their political campaigns.

In that context, I would say Yes issues specific politics matter.


Illustration: Momina Iqbal Issues specific Politics

Issues specific politics strengthen the party manifesto. it brought the greater attention of the public as the public is more concerned about solving their major problems. i.e

Poverty is attracted by the slogan of “roti, kapra, makaan”. Living in a state which is failed to eliminate virus of corruption from the system is attracted by the slogan of ”Naya Pakistan”

candidates run their campaigns on Issues of specific politics. this thing not only highlights key issues but at the same time, it provides specific direction, which enhances focus.

This type of politics has raised debate on opting different strategies to overcome the problems.

Types of disagreements in issues specific politics

  1. Parties can disagree “which issue should be resolved first”. For example, if one political party is hovering over the issue of education. Party focusing on the agenda of education because of a genuine issue of the country.  meanwhile, the other party is lobbying that water scarcity is the more significant issue. and It should be resolved first.
  2. Parties can also disagree “which strategy should be taken to resolve the same issue”. For example, different parties can follow different policies to increase the standards of education. People will support them according to their policies.

These disagreements are very crucial for the betterment of a country.

Importance of issues specific politics

  1. It instructs people about their problems, by enlightening them via their manifesto that how peculiar issues of the country will be dealt.
  2. Issues specific politics regulate a clear ideological way for the party. i.e. the aims and objectives of the party become clear.
  3. It also provides a programmed track to the party.
  4. Issues specific politics is also significant as it aids to attract the public to the party. The activity of a political party is a game of numbers. The greater number of people a party has, the greater is the chance that such followers would vote for it. The voters are attracted to the agenda that is why the parties try to have a specific way to follow.

Our country Pakistan is going through a lot of crisis and major issues. simultaneously, introducing a system where parties will follow issues specific politics is strongly recommended.

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Sidra Sajjad is the Intern at STUDENT’INN SOLUTIONS, She is Contributing as a volunteer. Views expressed in this article are entirely her personal and does not reflect the policy of STUDENT’ INN SOLUTIONS. 

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