Youth Will Vote For Pakistan General Election 2018

Youth Will Vote For Pakistan General Election 2018

Youth Will Vote For Pakistan General Election 2018

VoteForPakistan Election Awareness Campaign

As general elections approaching near, excitement among the masses has peaked. Youth has special enthusiasm and energy in this regard.

Youth is the biggest part of the population

If we examine history, the role of youth has always been neglected. Youth has never given the opportunity to play their effective role in the political process instead they are being used by parties and politicians for their political gains.

Political parties play youth card to attract young generation but they are never truly got the represented The absence of youth from the political process is also a factor of failure of democracy in Pakistan. It is also said that young people of Pakistan are losing faith in the democratic process due to the failure of democratic governments.

Youth will decide

Pakistan has the largest number of youth in Asia according to the report of UNDP.According to the report of UNDP (united nation development program), Pakistan’s population comprises of 64% young people. 64% population is under the age of 30 years while 29% of youth age between 15 to 29 years.

During the elections of 2013, Youth has played a very active role. In the recent past, a very pleasant change has observed in the attitude of political parties; that they have started giving importance to the youth. The previous government of PML (N) government has launched many schemes for youth to attract youth towards their party. Similarly, other political parties are also trying hard to win the hearts of young people.

This realization will impact positively the turnout during the coming elections. Pakistan is the country with very low turnout in elections. The shift in the political culture of Pakistan can alter this situation when youth will get out of their homes to cast vote.

Participation of youth in an election will also ensure that youth want democracy and they have not lost their faith in the democratic process yet. However, actively promoting the inclusion of youth in political processes is not only about norms, values and rights but also about practical politics. Younger followers find themselves in a different situation and their political and socioeconomic priorities differ from those of their older counterparts.

The revolution in modes of communication and popularity of social media among the youth can bring innovative and fresh ideas to politics. Political parties have targeted youth with the use of social media. They try to engage youth through social media which has proved useful. Youth follows pages and posts related to politics which shows their interest in the political process.

Youth can play a decisive role in coming elections. Now it is the time for youth to show their strength. They have the duty not only to actively participate in the electoral process but to create awareness among the fellow citizens. Moreover, Youth should spread awareness about the importance of casting vote and can encourage people to cast vote. Youth should realize that staying away from policy-making and politics will not resolve their problems. Participation of youth in the electoral process is the only way which can secure the interests of youth. In this way, they can bring people of their choice in government offices who can formulate youth-friendly policies.

Asma Alvi is the Intern at STUDENT’INN SOLUTIONS,  and Working as a volunteer for the MainHOONPakistan. She has done BS in International relations from International Islamic University, Islamabad. She contributed as Content Writer. Her area of interest is International Affairs.  Views expressed in this article are entirely her personal and does not reflect the policy of STUDENT’ INN SOLUTIONS. 

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