Use of Social Media in Education

Use of Social Media in Education

Social Media in Education: Benefits, Drawbacks and Things to avoid

Sidra Sajjad Intern Content Writer

Within few years social media has become an essential element of our society. Social media is playing distinct roles in our society; marketing and education are at the top of the list. It is also playing a key role in the field of entertainment. Social media has diminished the long distances and has made communication as easy as drinking water. Technology has driven us crazy, excessive use of even good things is lethal, along with all these benefits social media has also some drawbacks and there are certain things that are needed to be avoided.

The possible role of social media in education:

New generation is more active on social media, trend of book reading has been greatly reduced except one book which is read by almost everyone and students love to read it every day without any social pressure, that blessed book is Facebook.

Facebook is playing a significant role in quick learning and is shaping ways of learning through social networking and content sharing. For example, in universities professors used to connect on a Facebook page with all class for content sharing regarding course and for assigning different tasks to students, in short, it is direct tool for face to face interaction between teachers and students in off time, it is a convenient way to remain in touch with whole class, also a favorable option for students who absent. LinkedIn and Googleare also playing similar roles in education as Facebook, in terms of learning through a social network or community.  Different pages and communities on Facebook and LinkedIn keep us updated with fresh information and we remain efficient from the additional information throughout the world by sitting at home.

You can connect any page or community of your interest i.e. business, arts, photography, science, Information technology, content writing, freelancing, architecture, medical, pages regarding admissions in universities etc. In this digital era when the new generation has turned to a digital generation then it was compulsory to have digital resources of education.

Different Vlogs and videos over social media i.e. YouTube and Facebook live have brought classrooms at home. Students who are not able to approach high standard educational institutions for quality education, now they can get almost similar standards by using social media; they can get free online lectures of international professors. Today every information regarding all fields of education is just at the distance of one click.

There are a lot of YouTube channels regarding education, i.e. discovery channel, khan academy, research channel etc. By subscribing to these channels, one can get regular updates. Students can also become a part of online career counselling sessions by the blessings of social media.

In short, social media has played a key role in spreading education.

Drawbacks of Social Media:

  • A lot of Social media platforms has greatly reduced face to face interactions among people.
  • It has turned us towards laziness and students has developed less interest in sports and physical activities, we want Google, to do everything for us which is not a good signal.
  • Because of social media, we are more connected to friends who are away but less interaction with real friends around us.
  • There are a lot of fake accounts over social media which can result in huge troubles.
  • Digital and robotic world without real emotional connections.
  • Students are spending more time on entertainment, which is making their minds less welcoming to creative and innovative ideas.
  • Teenagers are getting addicted to social media.
  • Frustration rate in society is increasing because of its excessive use.
  • Teens are getting involved in erroneous relationships over social media, which can result in profound consequences.

Things to be avoided:

  • There should be a balance between digital and real lives. We should not get obsessed with Facebook posts, likes and Instagram followers. People who seem to be very happy over social media are less likely to enjoy the real moments. Uploading a status “having fun” has brought the whole real fun over social media and nothing is left to enjoy in real time.
  • Correct use of social media can make you a scholar, but its false use will only result in a waste of time. So, it is needed to avoid its incorrect use by just making it a platform to show off one’s status.
  • Excessive use of social media is like a fire for teenagers. Don’t make it easily accessible for your teens. Otherwise, it will burn their hands.
  • Getting addicted to social media is same as being alcoholic, don’t use so many social media platforms at the same time.
  • Don’t post everything on social media, it depicts your whole personality and rates your maturity. social media is considered as a direct image of someone’s thoughts.
  • Don’t add everyone on your social media accounts as there is the huge ratio of fake accounts. It is necessary to remain vigilant.
  • Social media is not an entertainment industry, learn about its proper use before socializing yourself on different platforms of social media.

Where technology has revolutionized our lives at the same time it has raised certain viruses in our society, which divides with the same rate as technology grows. Where social media has reformed the field of education at the same time In a mutual society it has become a stereotype that social media is spoiling our youth, somehow it is true but proper guidelines regarding the use of social media and its moderate use can bring positive changes rather than making them obsessed with Facebook, Instagram, snapchat or YouTube.

Sidra Sajjad is the Intern at STUDENT’INN SOLUTIONS, Views expressed in this article are entirely her personal and does not reflect the policy of STUDENT’ INN SOLUTIONS. 

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