Near Death Experience

Near Death Experience

How did you manage Near Death Experience?

How many among us never fascinates about the mysteries of the world? Perhaps, everyone did. But alas! We cannot explore the real reason behind it. But that neither stops our curiosity about the fictions that we all have heard about nor diminishes our imagination about them. We keep on searching on such unique and hidden topics on the internet. Whether it’s about space or about Aurora, or Bermuda Triangle or about the meeting of two seas at the Gulf of Alaska, people are intensively interested in finding the reality. But how of us have thought about “What happens after death?” I am sure that only a few but some people have thought about this situation because majority finds it to be horrible to imagine it. But this is something which has not just been experienced but also remembered vividly by many, for decades.

Imagine that you are getting out of a body and being dead; there is a presence of a ‘Being of Light” which is giving peace and well-being emotions, unconditional love and acceptance. Imagine that you are dressed white and are in a landscape whose beauty is indescribable, tunnel experience, seeing a review of life, and watching all your deceased relatives.

What’s that? Wasn’t it your next question? This is what most of the people see in their Near Death Experience (NDE).NDE is a psychological event after a person is either clinically dead or in a situation near death or in extreme emotional crisis. Scientists say that NDE usually occurs due to lack of oxygen, an overabundance of carbon dioxide, excessive blood loss, coma, myocardial infarction, head injury etc. But why does it happen because of these medical situations? To answer this question NDE models were made to experience NDE are made by doctors but all of those had limitations. Psychological and spiritual theories have also been put forward to explain this myth. But science doesn’t have any reason.

NDE is staged in five stages i.e. peace, body separation, entering darkness, seeing light, entering the light. These experiences are generally positive but can be negative for some people. A report by Grayson (psychiatrist) in 2006 has reported that any good or bad NDE cannot relate to religiosity, prior psychiatric treatment, prior suicidal behaviour, or family history of suicidal behaviour of a person.

Something that science cannot explain is often linked with religious belief and that happens with NDE survivors. People explain NDE in context of their faith and culture. Some people get their faith in God and afterlife unshakeable while others are convinced that there is something beyond this physical life.

Now imagine that you were living a normal life but then you met a horrible car accident (God Forbids) and now you are on death bed but miraculously you are given a chance to live your life again. What would be your reactions?

Obviously, you will have a greater appreciation for life, higher self-esteem, and compassion for others, less concern for acquiring material wealth, self-understanding, desire to learn more, elevated spirituality, feeling. Same as in the effects of NDE on people. But NDE can also have negative impact i.e. psychosocial and psychospiritual problems.

Work of Raymond Moody, Bruce Greyson (Psychiatrist), and Kenneth Wring (Psychologist) are prominent for NDE. International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) has been established in 1981 under which study, research and awareness about NDE take place.

This mystique possible disturbed bodily multisensory integration is not restricted to specific people so we all are vulnerable to be the next victim, you never know. So,  Wish you luck, everybody!

Zarra Haseen is the Intern Content Writer at STUDENT’INN SOLUTIONS. She holds Degree of BS (Psychology) from Punjab University, Lahore.

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